Top 5 General Supplements for Optimal Health 

Top 5 General Supplements for Optimal Health in Knoxville

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Patients ask everyday what are the best supplements that I take or that they should take to be healthy. Although my supplement recommendations vary for each individual, based on what problems they present with, these 5 are the best at maintaining general health for most people.

  1. Natural Anti-Inflammatory. Different supplement brands may use different ingredients but the most common natural anti-inflammatory supplements will use turmeric and/or boswelia. These ingredients are effective at reducing the effects of oxidation and immune reaction to tissue damage. These processes in the body are responsible for most of today’s health conditions. So if you want to be healthy you definitely need to combat inflammation. These supplements allow us to do this without the harmful side effects of steroids and NSAIDs.
  2. B-Complex. A B-complex typically includes 8 different essential vitamins that are involved in cell health, red blood cell growth, energy, eyesight, brain function, digestion, appetite, nerve function, hormones, cardiovascular health, and muscle tone. Since these vitamins are so important and required in specific doses, it is crucial to supplement b vitamins to maintain optimal health
  3. Vitamin D. Vitamin D can be obtained with adequate sunlight exposure. This may be hard for some populations in some areas at certain times of the year. Vitamin D is necessary for normal hormone function, bone development, and immune function.
  4. Omega Fatty Acids. This include omega 3, 6, 7, and 9 for optimal health. These essential fatty acids are reduced in the standard American diet but are important for our health in so many ways. Adequate omega 3 levels are necessary for cardiovascular, respiratory, immune, and musculoskeletal health.
  5. Magnesium. Magnesium is required for more than 600 enzymatic reactions in the body. Magnesium is depleted with many common medications and conditions. Magnesium deficiency can lead to issues with Vitamin D metabolism, weakening of the bones, heartbeat irregularities, irregular blood pressure, blood sugar problems, and others. Some of the common early signs seen with magnesium deficiency include fatigue and muscle cramps throughout the body.

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