Chiropractic And Therapeutic Massage Tools In Knoxville TN

Chiropractic And Therapeutic Massage Tools in Knoxville

Chiropractic Knoxville TN Chiropractic And Therapeutic Massage Tools

The therapeutic massage gun was once primarily available only to practitioners such as Knoxville chiropractors and physical therapists at a hefty price tag. Now, however, these devices are available to everyone at an affordable price. Therapeutic massage guns have proven effective for athletes, and fitness enthusiasts, and can be useful for the average person suffering from aches and pains.

Massage Devices In Knoxville

As a chiropractor, I have implemented therapeutic massage devices in my clinics for years. My patients have seen benefits in the relief of muscle soreness, tension, spasm, and pain. These tools are effective along the paraspinal musculature to reduce tension in these overused muscles. With our modern-day desk work and lifestyle, the overwhelming majority of my patients will have tightness, soreness, pain, and swelling around the lower neck and shoulder areas or upper trapezius muscles. This area often will have tight knots, tenderness, and pain following a hard workout or just a long day at work. The therapeutic massage gun has been effective in relieving this soreness and tension in a few minutes whereas using increased pressure with the hands may take hours, not to mention wearing out my hands. Another effective use of massage guns is to loosen the dreaded tight IT bands. The long muscle that runs along the outside of the thigh is overworked and under stretched in the vast majority. Light percussion along these muscles for only a few minutes can relieve pain and stiffness while also helping with problems such as knee and hip pain.

These therapeutic devices work so well along with corrective chiropractic care. Specific adjustments to the joints of the spine and pelvis can restore normal alignment and pain-free range of motion. Therapeutic massage tools can target specific muscles to reduce healing time and increase the time the joints are held in the proper position. The technique of using chiropractic with muscle work together is very effective for athletes with repetitive wear and tear on their bodies as well as the typical patient with injuries and aches and pains.

Which Device Is Right For Me?

With so many options for therapeutic massage tools, it is important to decide which is the right for you. Higher-end devices will be primarily appropriate for practitioners that will be using them multiple times daily so that the better equipment will avoid wear and tear. Fortunately, this means that for typical home use, the higher cost is usually not necessary. I have recommended Theragun from Therabody for most of my patients and have seen great results. It has a great percussion rate, power, ease of use, and longevity for helping with the most common issues for all types of patients. For more info about Theragun, follow the link at

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