Chiropractic and the Lumbosacral Belt In Knoxville TN

Chiropractic and the Lumbosacral Belt in Knoxville TN

Chiropractic Knoxville TN Low Back Pain

For relief from acute low back pain stemming from injury or overuse, the lumbosacral belt in Knoxville TN can be a great choice. The lumbosacral belt supports the lumbar spine and sacroiliac joints to give the surrounding muscles a break and allow them to heal quicker. I have used lumbosacral belts in my clinics for years and have noticed a drastic reduction in healing time in acute low back pain patient.

Low back injuries are one of the most common reasons for visits to the emergency room.  Luckily, these visits can be reduced with specific chiropractic and at-home treatment. This can allow you to avoid expensive hospital visits and get back to normal quicker. After a low back injury, I will perform a thorough exam and imaging to determine the cause of the problem. After a specific, individualized chiropractic adjustment and spinal decompression I recommend the lumbosacral belt for home use to reduce healing time. The lumbosacral brace can correct deformity after injury and facilitate healing. The belt limits movement to prevent further injury. The lumbosacral belt provides relief with movement such as sitting to standing and bending over. When you feel it is time to get back to work, the lumbosacral belt can ease this transition by providing relief and prevent excessive muscle strain.

While implementing lumbosacral belts in my clinics I have observed that their use reduces healing time to within a week or two. The intensity of acute low back pain usually effects sleep, work, and daily activities significantly. My goal is to effectively reduce this time and the lumbosacral belt along with chiropractic care works great at doing this. Considering that other options include surgery and strong pain medications, our approach is effective, less invasive, and less costly.

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